Tranquility on the Daintree, is a five bedroom, spacious holiday home set on 180 hectares in the Daintree Valley.

This fully self-contained home, set on a cattle farm alongside the Daintree River, accommodates 10 adults (for more guests contact managers). There is a large kitchen, range of appliances including espresso machine, and BBQ on the balcony.

There are three separate dining areas, pool table and in-ground saltwater pool with built in spa.

The bedrooms are split over three levels and all are air conditioned. Three bedrooms have king size beds and two bedrooms each have two single beds. All have balconies overlooking the garden.

Guests have access to the whole property including two waterfalls.

It is ideal for two to three families holidaying together as there are many places to hang. It is also a unique venue for a special celebration such as wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Convenient to a range of tourist activities and attractions including river cruises, fishing tours, day trips to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, 4WD adventures and ziplining through the rain forest canopy.

Or you can easily stay at Tranquility on the Daintree and take an afternoon stroll along the creek to your very own rainforest swimming hole, walk along a country road past the grazing cattle, or take in a spot of bird watching. Leave the city and people behind, relax and enjoy the quietness of the Daintree in this tropical paradise. Pure living, pure air, pure water!


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Brent Conrad talks with everyone from , frequent travelers to the busy family that can only get away for vacation every couple of years.

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In 1874, a young married French family fled to England to escape the hardships of Paris, caused by the political rigors of the time. Arriving in London, Monsieur Henri Joseph Niau and his petite wife Madame Marie Caroline Niau were soon lured by the promises of a new French commune in the Pacific, known as “La Nouvelle France”.

Unbeknown to them and the other four hundred settlers, the founder of this project, the Marquis De Rays was a man of poor character and his promised land was little more than virgin jungle, home to cannibal native tribes.

Rather than joining the Marquis’s fleet of settlers in 1879 on their voyage to the supposed paradise, Henri and Marie chose to make their own way to Sydney Australia in 1880, settling at Edgecliff, to allow the colony to be properly established.

In late 1880, one of the fleet of four ships that took the settlers to the colony returned to Sydney to collect provisions and relate tales of starvation, death and disaster. What was promised to be a paradise proved to be a living hell and upon learning of his countrymen’s fate, Henri funded and led a rescue mission to save the surviving colonists.

Upon his return in April of 1881, Henri met with a consortium selling land on the banks of the Daintree River in Far North Queensland, based on the promised development of a sugar mill nearby.

Unseen, Henri took an Agricultural Homestead Lease over two square miles (1280 acres) of virgin rainforest, now the site of Tranquility on the Daintree, payable at one pound an acre and relocated his wife and daughter to the banks of the Daintree River. Initially the family lived in a small calico tent until a suitable house site could be established and cleared with the aid of Chinese labourers from the nearby goldfields.

#18 Brahman cattle

When the promised sugar mill failed to eventuate, Henri set about clearing his land in earnest, selling the Red Cedar logs he felled for a sizeable profit. This profit was soon consumed as the family established their house, roads and planted fields with crops, principally corn. Their house was set nine feet off the ground on wooden stumps, with a rough sawn floor from timber transported from the sawmill in the Daintree Village, calico walls and iron roof.

Three years of misfortune followed. The family’s first year crop was lost to flood in 1884 and the second year’s crop lost to fire in 1885. In 1886, Aborigines displaced from the goldfields made their way down the Daintree Valleys, attacking and killing white settlers. Henri was forced to barricade his small family into their tiny house guarding against surprise attack twenty-four hours a day. To make matters worse, members of the family, including Henri, succumbed to malaria. At the height of the fever, Henri would try and drown himself in the little stream below
their house. His wife Marie would physically tackle Henri and try to restrain him as he dragged her through the undergrowth.

#17 Aerial view of house close up

In 1887, the family abandoned the property in the Daintree and relocated to Neutral Bay in Sydney. Henri then went on to invent and patent a device for speeding up the maturing of wines. Unfortunately, one of the principal ingredients was antimony and while developing the invention Henri accidentally poisoned himself. He died at the age of 48 in 1888. There are no living descendants of the Niau family in Australia.

Tranquility operated as a cattle farm up until 1992. Cattle are generally bred in the drier country of Cape York, and when they are between 9 to 12 months old. They are transported down to fatten up quickly on the lush pastures in the valley. The property continues to be used for beef cattle grazing, primarily Droughtmasters and Brahman with 200 head on the property.

When a Japanese company purchased the farm, it continued as a cattle farm but they designed and built the five bedroom home which stands today. They created the terraced garden filled with flowering trees and shrubs to attract the butterflies, created an orchard with durian, mangosteens and star apple trees and built small wooden bridges to enable access to Tranquility Falls. The company used Tranquility for corporate clients.

In 2002, Tranquility was purchased by a local family who turned it into a holiday home, and opened up Tranquility Falls for tours. In 2007, the current owner, Roger Allen, purchased Tranquility because he fell in love with the waterfall and wanted a piece of the Daintree to complement his Port Douglas home.

Tranquility is also great for family events.

Tranquility on the Daintree is the ideal location to host your wedding, be it a private affair for just the two of you, or for your friends and family as well. We have hosted weddings ranging from 2 people to 150 so anything is possible.

We aren’t specialists in weddings however we can put you in touch with the many talented local people in the area who specialise in weddings – celebrants, photographers, caterers, etc. Ceremonies can be held at Tranquility Falls or at Cascades (small groups only), under the giant fig trees on the farm, or in the garden around the accommodation…take your pick of the many beautiful locations on the property.

Functions are not limited to weddings. Perhaps you have a special birthday or anniversary to celebrate, a family reunion, Christmas party, or perhaps just a gathering of friends celebrating being together in a private tropical paradise.

Tranquility is secluded. No noise issues – the cattle do not seem to mind!


Your feedback means the world to us.

Had a truly fantastic time at Tranquility. Can't wait to come back. Breathtaking views from the house. Countryside on the property was amazing, so picturesque with two awesome waterfalls. We explored the CREB track on our dirt bikes and hardly saw a sole. Thanks Gaye for a wonderful experience. My boys loved the billiard table !



What an amazing spot. Gaye's home is located in the middle of the Daintree rainforest and is HUGE. The pool and billiard table are amazing and internet access and land line phone were perfect as well as one of the 5 super comfortable beds and the fully outfitted kitchen. Gaye and Grahame even gave us a full 2 hour tour of their farm, the 100 meter waterfall on their property, their orchard and the Daintree river. They also included a 60 dollar value crocodile safari. It was absolutely amazing and we would recommend staying with them to anyone in the area. It was a little slice of heaven!!



Amazing property We had an incredible stay at Daintree the accommodation was second to none, very clean with everything you needed, beautiful scenery and the waterfall and wildlife was amazing. We really enjoyed the tour of the property and learning about the area.

Brennan Adelaide

South Australia

Beautiful place to relax Great place to sit back and unwind Thanks guys for an awesome holiday on my 2nd visit

Paul Adelaide

South Australia, Australia